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Make money with MRP 24/7 your online partner

Stores need a partner and thats where MRP comes in. In this new age of sales you need a distributor that doesnt take sales from you by selling directly to the customer we need distributors that go back to the traditional distribution mode helping the small business and sending clients to the store, but it gets better we want you the small shop owner to make money online. It doesnt matter if its raining or snowing outside you can make money 24/7. No matter what your local economy is doing you cansell MRP parts all day, all night, on, Ebay, on your site. Work from home on rainy weekends and you can make money with MRP. What we need are dealers that offer good tech support, are willing to put in the time, and understand selling parts. Every year for the past seven years Ive watched stores open and close in the winter, dont be one of those stores that doesnt prepare for the slow season. Invest in online sales and over the phone sales. Do you have a store zine? A newsletter? Maybe an in-store customer catalog? Let us be your partner. MRP will send you business and drop ship to your customers if you are an active MRP dealer. Again, theres always a reason why youre busy, but this is an investment in your future. DONT LET THE LOCAL SCOOTER SHOP CLOSE. There are many distributors that sell customer direct and own stores, but we dont we never have our catalog is wholesale only. Benefit from a partner that sends business to the local dealer and doesnt sell consumer direct ...

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